Welcome to the Couple Experience, where there is something for anyone! Our live show is driven by your fantasy. Let your creativity flow and direct us whichever way you want! Or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show up close and personal. Our time together will take you through a sexual adventure you may have only ever fantasized about.
We’ve been a couple for almost nine years (and those of you wondering we are actually a married couple for six years) and have been in the adult industry since we first met. Our expertise and experience have us well versed in many different aspects of the industry. Our passion for the work we do keeps us learning and growing as a couple and as professionals. We would not be here today if we did not truly love what we do.
The time we spend together with you in the directors seat will always be in an enviorment where you can feel comfortable, non-judgemental, discrete and safe to be free to express your fantasy. Our down to earth vibe, intelligence, sensuality, and sexuality will put you at ease. which makes for the ideal experience!
Couples are always welcome too, let the intense connection between Junior and I set the mood to enhance the intimacy between the two of you and take it to another level.
We are open to all fantasies and fetishes as long as we feel comfortable so don’t hesitate to let us know your deepest desires so we can cater to your indivial vision!
Why limit yourself when you can fulfill your desires!!
So ready, set, action!!

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