P411 is a website that has been around for 15 years and has proven itself to be one of the best screening and verification service for clients and escorts with listings and an available now feature. It serves as a third party to verify each party while remaining anonymous. P411 vouches for the client and escort without the two ever exchanging personal information. 

So you can rest assured that the providers listed are real, so there is no worry about switch and bait. 

You are able to request an appointment straight from the website and private messaging is also available. 

With The Erotic Review closed to the U.S no other site has even come close to how reputable TER was. Making hard to find a way to ensure safety and verification of both parties, even though P411 is not a review forum it does give an alternative to a screening tool which is the next best thing to TER.

Anyone looking for a website to use since the shut down for the United States on The Erotic Review, We would highly recommend P411.

We have a 6 month free trails sign up link and encourage you to use it and at least take advantage of the offer 

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